Cut the tree. 

The roots know better. 

Your dollars will start a revolution. 

Unboxed and Unbought.

The Strange Story

In the fall of 2009, I  was a freshman at Howard University in Washington D.C. Drew Hall was my dorm of choice and all that I had was no A/C, a mini-fridge and a meal plan through the CafĂ© that closed at 9pm each night. Needless to say, my parents were great at replenishing my bank account for food and sending care packages.

These care packages were a lifeline. Why? Of course there were snacks, candy and inspiring trinkets. But there was more. There were books. There were necessities. There were those clutch items that I needed in order to truly make it through the month. That along with a few enlightening lectures from Dr. Gregory Carr himself during the "Snowpacalypse" of 2009 led me to the idea that college students are in fact the movemakers of this country. Our ideas coupled with where we spend our dollars literally shifts entire industries. It was clear that we had the buying power to make a difference in our own community. We just had to ignite the fire. And from that flame came Strange Roots. 

Meet the Team

Kwaku Osei-Bonsu | CEO and Founder of TheStrangeRootsBox, LLC. 

Growing up in Detroit, MI provided him with a hustle mentality that propelled him towards being the change that he wanted to see in his community. His work in Business Development in New York City post-college allowed him to see the bigger picture when it came to bringing patrons to the black businesses that supported him and his family through the years. This box is about change. 

Kwaku, now a software engineer, quickly realized that amongst the blight and dilapidated buildings of Detroit lied a spirt of disruption. A phoenix that, no matter the absence of brick and mortar, would burn bright for success. Kwaku is yet one match to the entire fire and knows that small black businesses can and will thrive in the resurgence. 

Cedric Marshall | Vice President of Operations of TheStrangeRootsBox, LLC.

A native Detroiter, Cedric brings a vision to TheStrangeRootsBox that has helped us move to the next level. His work in the tech world, with specific regard to quality assurance, has made him an asset to the team. Simply put, he runs everything through a fine-toothed comb. 

Gumption might as well be his middle name, as Cedric quickly realized that TheStrangeRootsBox family was the perfect fit for his sartorial interests and his entrepreneurial mindset.

Meet TheStrangeRootsBox, a catalyst for change.