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Subscription Service

As a vendor how do I get myself in to your box?

Send us an email at!

Can you buy in block-subscriptions as opposed to month-to-month?

Absolutely! We offer 3-month and 6-month subscriptions as well. These are perfect as a gifting model without the full commitment. 

How long do I have to cancel my order?

We would hate to see you go and because of this Strange Roots offers a "one month skip" incentive. Each subscriber is eligible to skip a month once every six months and billing will resume the following month with no issue. 

Should you decided to part ways one must cancel before the 1st of each month by sending your name, email address, order #, and reason for leaving to 

How do I update my account information?

You can change shipping, profile or payment information by logging in to your account and making the necessary updates. If changing shipping information, please also send an email to with the subject line “Change of Address”.


Can I make suggestions for what I want in the box?

 Absolutely. Send us a note via our email and we will certainly take that in to consideration. However, personally curated boxes are not an option at this time. 

Does your box only hold products from black businesses or are you open to other minorities as well?

Strange Roots plans to expand in to other spaces in the near future. We started with what we know and look to grow in due time. Keep an eye out! 

What is your selection process like for items in the Strange Roots Box?

We want you to discover businesses that will encourage you to purchase from more in the future! The businesses featured range from startups to established companies and provide products and services that you will want to support. 

We come across different businesses from vendor events, social media  and through referrals. These references are prime examples of the number of black businesses that are out there to support. To get your product in The Strange Roots Box, send an email to

What types of products will I receive inside of my box?

The Strange Roots Box brings you a variety of products from four specific industries; Toiletries, Food, Books, and companies that fit within our 'wild card' category. Discover frequently purchased products that are manufactured and supplied by Black businesses.

The Marketplace

How do we purchase another full-size product that we like from a particular box that we've received?

Our website offers an a la carte marketplace that features items from each box during the month following the launch of each box. For example, products from the March Box will be available for individual purchase for all of April.

Does Strange Roots offer gift cards? 

No, Strange Roots does not offer gift cards. We do, however, offer a 'single box' that is available to appease gift exchanges, one-time trials, etc.

Does Strange Roots have a trial box? 

Yes! You may order a single box on our site within the marketplace. Enjoy! 

Shipping & Returns

When can I expect my box after ordering?

Shipments begin on the 18th of each month and boxes are expected to arrive within 5 business days.

Do you accept returns?

At The Strange Roots Box we do not accept returns, but encourage members to gift their subscription to a friend or family member.  If you have any questions or concerns please let us know at

Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

Yes! We do. Place an order and take Strange Roots global!